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Special propositions

And more offers

We reach out to our clients and partners by offering extra added value with specialized training that can be tailored to your needs or helping you to analyze quickly and painlessly where the bottleneck in an ongoing EPM implementation is.

Extras: Client
EPM Tailored Training

Customizable Training

Empower your team

Qubico Consulting Group delivers trainings for all learning levels, far from the synthetic bootcamps software vendors instituted. Our trainings will show you real life issues and solutions and train your team to face what can really happen within your EPM domain.


Quick Scan

Optimization at your reach

As EPM specialists we have gained experience through numerous implementations and our senses are fine tuned for both solid and weak implementation choices. Engage us for a quick scan: in a very short time frame we'll give you an unbiased view of what we think your EPM implementation is suffering from now or will in the future for the price of a cup of coffee.

EPM Interim Support

Interim Support and Remote Management

Back Fill your project

Qubico Consulting can provide technical support onsite and offsite for your epm implementation whether it's to backfill your team or provide specialized expertise in times of need.

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