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Qubico & Sofia complementary offer

The Solvency II reporting project executed at Aegon has tipped the difficulty and complexity of a few projects that I experienced in my EPM career.

I have carried out international workshops, collected business requirement, brainstormed through design sessions, build prototypes and several other activities which included the build, testing and issue resolving of their final global Solvency II reporting application based on a Tagetik platform in combination with TowersWatson RiskAgilitySF and Microsoft SQL.

Aegon's project has been particularly challenging under several aspects: introducing a new global reporting application in the business-as-usual context of a multinational, the integration of three types of modules from different software suppliers and last but least the strict and short regulatory deadlines.

Building a future proof reporting solution under these circumstances cannot be achieved by one person: it's a team effort of not only capable and committed consultants but also people that are able to cooperate and trust each other. The last two qualities are in fact bidirectional and it’s in that light that Qubico developed a strong relationship with Sofia Consulting which hired us to provide quality hands-on implementation and bridge the technology gap in this project. Aegon’s Solvency II project couldn’t have benefit more from this powerhouse of functional and product knowledge. This relationship now levels up to a commitment to continue to work together and provide high quality services to our hiring customers.

Sofia Consulting in fact is a network of experts specialized in delivering performance management and risk solutions for the financial services industry propelled by deep financial services industry knowledge. Their combined background in business and management consulting enables them to understand what is really needed and to deliver projects within time and budget.

You can visit Sofia's website at

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