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Top Gun 2017: Infratects, Sucaba, EPMware, KeyTeach

Qubico has attended this year's Top Gun 2017 in the Okura hotel in Amsterdam. It was well organized and the three day event was well balanced between trainings (hosted by Keyteach), sessions, the parallel tracks and breaks in which delicious food and snacks were provided. Okura is definitely a prestigious spot but personally I wouldn't reuse this location as Infratects site track record contains much more incredible places where this event has been hosted. However by far the closest Top Gun to my regular working action radius so no complains.

Infratects showed to sit on the front row for certain EPM topics. Its technicians can work the merits and the flaws of Oracle products in an expert way like an experienced business analyst would his own excel template creation, if you understand the analogy. Top Gun's prestige is also reinforced by the presence of Oracle's head of development who discloses a lot of information about upcoming releases and Oracle strategy in his presentations.

This is one of the main reasons to attend the event: what's happening inside the house of the most worldwide used EPM solution platform supplier in the coming years!

The sessions and customer stories I attended have been also learnful. A nordic implementation of PBCS at a television channel company, due to its small size but good customer impact was a great example of how PBCS can work at smaller and mid companies while Hyperion Planning would be a total overkill. Very much aligned with the implementation methodology that Qubico/Thuros apply with our customers.

The training of Jython (FDMEE) i received from KeyTeach had very good material and was handled very professionally as well. I would definitely recommend following one of their courses as first layers of training and knowledge while Qubico can offer on a second moment more advanced and customized training.

Infratects has a number of more functional consultants as well who I have met and got to know (a few only actually). Generally I had an impression of young, smart and fun persons to work with who radiate a lot of energy.

Also good to mention that Infratects is entering a joint venture with Sucaba, one of their nordic implementation counterparts, and is becoming the sole european supplier for EPMware, a very interesting master data management solution, increasing their world foot print in the EPM market.

This is the second (or third?) Top Gun I attended. I think next year it might be finally time to step up and fly to US for Kscope which i have heard to be THE knowledge sharing Oracle Hyperion worldwide event not to miss. We'll see. Should you want to receive more details on my Top Gun experience don't hesitate to contact us.

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