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How Our Sustainability Project Made a Positive Impact at the InTouch '24 Event

So proud to be able to speak on our last achievement and our first ESG reporting project. A brand new reporting track, right next to IFRS and Solvency, for the office of finance of most of European based insurance companies, to comply to CSRD and the vast list of ESRSs.

In Lucca this year, we pulled off one of the best customer/consultants presentation on it, combining client, process, technical content into one 45 minute session which was fully booked and received many positive feedback. First time for me there as speaker rather than regular participant. It made the whole event so much more exciting to be at!

It is unbelievable how a almost 12 months project rich of events, hard work, meetings, achievements, and headaches around apparently unsolvable situations could be summarized in a few minutes for an international crowd who flew from all the world to hear us out. No i was not trying to over sell it, it's our growth mindset and energy to overcome challenges that made it sound the way it did.

And I was not alone, but only thanks to my co-presenters and our project team colleagues that our story was as good as it got .

So this wonderful experience, could have not ended in any other way than celebrating it with closing gala and make this year's CCH Tagetik InTouch '24 event one to remember for a long time.


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