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Our Group

Talented and hardworking professionals

Our internal mission is to build a team of members that can consider Qubico Consulting a second family. Operate among and with ourselves in complete equality and openess. We are always on the look out to expand our team with good members and new talents: whether you are a seasoned professional or a young eager to learn.

Group: Welcome

The Qubico way

Existing and new colleagues

Qubico Consulting is a young company who believes in the lean and mean project approach. Its team is composed by members who are capable and flexible to take on different project roles, as an example: offering a training, demo a solution, interview for collecting requirements, translate requirements into design, implement a design into a solution, offer customer support, write english documentation.

Our ambition is not to grow to a take over point. Our internal goal is to work and look for interesting and fun projects, the right challenges, the right balance, the right compensation while helping our customers achieve their goals.

We want our team dynamics to be family like: we all share work opportunities, contribute to marketing strategies, brainstorm on how to implement elegant solutions, bounce ideas on our next dinner point, compliment each other on our customer achievements, complain to each other on poorly managed situations, and the list goes on and on...

And like a family we discuss Qubico matters at a round table, in an open environment where no one rather all is management.

If you are interested in getting to know us and you are a seasoned professional in the field of implementing enterprise performance management (EPM) or corporate performance management (CPM), or you are a business analyst or controller who uses EPM/CPM tools, or you are young and motivated and your only currency is still only hard work but eager to learn use the get in touch to contact us and let's drink a coffee together.

Group: Service
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